So here it is!… Well, at least on its way at the very least! After a long sebatical I am pleased to say that my showcase website is finally coming back online.

One of the major difficulties I face as an artist is the sheer diversity of work I produce. I find it both a boon and a bane. On the one hand I am proud of the range of subjects I cover and the different mediums that I work in, but on the other hand I know that it defies some form of consistency. When I try to put my work into some categorised form for the website it can become something of a beast to handle. The face off is a page full of buttons for medium or specific subject or, as I have done now, a simple division under which most pieces will fit, and those that don’t… Well I am sure that you will forgive a little artistic license 😀.

In the meantime please enjoy the site so far… It will expand over the next few days to once again be full of visual content and an insight into many of the works on show.


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