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Sean Counley is available internationally for Commercial Illustration, Private Art and Custom Prop Building

Art Commissions
For anyone who desires to bring the world of fairy’s, dragons and mystical lands full of magic and mystery into their home an original custom painting filled with symbolism and narrative will captivate you, your family and friends for many years to come. The grandeur of dream worlds and the far off realms of fairy tales is at the very core of all our hearts, and whatever enchanted forest is your realm I will endeavour to bring it to life on a canvas for you to treasure.

Art Directors
Please email me directly with the project that you would like me to take a look at. Typically I would expect 2-3 weeks to complete on a project but I appreciate that lead times can not always be like that. If I am working with you for the first time then I may require a 50% pro-forma payment.

Past Clients
Pyramid Posters
Nemesis Now
Hydra House Publishing
M-Y Books Ltd
RDM Films

Commercial licensing
If you see an image on my site here or elsewhere online and would like to discuss possible licensing options for a product line that you have in production then please email me directly.

The art commission process for private collectors of original fantasy art paintings.
Before beginning your original fantasy painting we will discuss via email your requirements to clarify the details, and I will give an estimated quote for the completion of the commission painting. A deposit of 50% of the total commission cost is required before I start work. This is non-refundable and will cover all the work in researching and developing your concept.

I will start working on a sketch of your commission artwork and email a watermarked file of the sketch for approval. You can request any changes, additions, or approve the sketch to be finished. Don’t feel shy in telling me you don’t like something. It’s your art commission after all. A total of 3 sketch revisions/additions can be made before extra payment is required. Sketch revisions will not be done that reflect a change of character or design to your original description without revisiting the original quote.

Once you are happy with the concept 50% of the remaining balance of the total payment will be requested before the commission artwork will be completed. Once the payment is received, work will be done to complete the commission painting. You will be kept up to date with the progress of your commission art and will be sent a digital file of your finished painting for approval at which stage some minor changes are still allowed, final balance will be paid at this stage. Only changes suitable to the medium and artwork will be allowed at this stage, and will only commence following final payment, anything deemed more than minor adjustment will incur further repaint fees. On approval of the finished commission art, the painting will be delivered to you or made available for collection based on your preferences.

Standard Terms
Medium- Unless a specific requirement is negotiated at the initial stage I will decide what medium I choose to use that will best reflect what the commission art is intended to portray. This is most likely to be but not limited to, oils, acrylic, watercolour, pencil medium or digital, you will be informed of the decision prior to commencing the piece to ensure that you are happy with the choice.

Time Frame- Upon receiving your deposit I will book you into my schedule and let you know when I am likely to start on the concept. It would be my intention to deliver a concept within one month of receiving the deposit and a further 2-3 weeks after the second payment for the artwork to be completed, final delivery will follow final payment, depending on the size and complexity and other commitments at the time. You will be updated regularly on the artworks progress as it is done.

Artwork Usage Terms- Unless otherwise specified, I keep all rights to an artwork I create, including but not limited to printing rights and copyright. If you would like rights to print or sell products created with your commissioned artwork a contract must be negotiated and a usage fee paid. For any commercial use of the artwork, including such things as book covers, it is best to negotiate image usage terms before beginning the commission. You are allowed to post your commission on the internet without a contract but you may not produce printed material of any description without prior consent. At times I may decide I would like to make and sell prints of a commissioned artwork. If you do not want me to do this with your work, or do not want your commission shown in my online galleries, please let me know.

I am also a qualified graphic designer so commissions such as book covers or anything that has both an illustrative and design component can be completed to include such requirements as discussed in the initial stages. For a rough idea of overall timescale, something like the listed published book cover art on the home page take up to four days to complete including all research and initial concepts. Portfolio pieces can take considerably longer pending complexity.

Limited Availability- Please note that I cannot take all commissions due to time constraints and will be selective with the commissions I choose to take on. Make yourself familiar with the style and themes of my work. As my portfolio represents a diverse range of subjects and styles and I am willing to try anything, however, as my time is limited, I prefer to only take commissions which allow me a greater amount of artistic license while creating your artwork. While I enjoy a challenge, YOUR commissioned art is not the time for me to be pushing my limits trying out new visual styles and techniques unless it is relevant to your requirements. I charge a daily rate, and themes or subjects I’m not familiar with may take me longer to paint.

If you have a project in mind and my cover art portfolio looks like it can answer your needs then please email – or if you are in the area give me a call for a chat and to pop into my studio!

Home Studio
Lye, West Midlands, England
Opening Hours: any sociable time!

call 07875577232


If you want to ask me anything please send me a message.

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