Over The Rainbow : Why then oh why can’t I

The painting that you are looking at represents for me the challenges that we face when we are presented with our dreams coming true. Dorothy, in Wizard of Oz, was faced with insurmountable odds, after wishing to be somewhere over the rainbow! We have to reject what we are familiar with, think in new ways as life becomes tumultuous around us, keep looking for the rainbow that we first saw from the safety of our comfortable life, feet planted firmly on the ground. Like Dorothy, ultimately we discover that the solutions we seek to resolve the challenges we perceive are in fact quite simple… they just require a little self belief.

Over The Rainbow is the first in small series of large paintings that depict the journey into the reality of our dreams coming true. Each piece will centre on the major characters of the story and will reflect personal aspects and challenges as well as observed facets of our lives.

If you want to learn more about this journey and follow the story and possibly be a part of that story please take a look at my Kickstarter here.