We make a living by what we get
But we make a life by what we give

I was born and raised in the West Midlands spending my younger years copying favourite sci-fi book covers by the light of a Calor gas heater. I pursued an art education at Stourbridge College of Art and Design in the late 80’s leading to a long career in graphics design for the print & packaging industry. When the industry fell into decline I decided to open a fine art gallery in my local town showcasing local artists. This led to unexpected developments in my own work as I was exposed to a wide array of styles and subjects through these years.

Despite my long association with digital art I built an understanding of many traditional mediums through the artists that became friends. Studying the paintings that were my daily surroundings I came to know Acrylics, Oils, Watercolour, pencils and others in a wide array of subject matter. I distilled all of this inspired work into finding my own vision… everything from fairy’s to dragons and landscapes to portraits.

Over the years my clients have included Pyramid Posters, Nemesis Now, and a showcase in ImagineFX, in addition I have produced a number of book covers for UK and international authors and publishers.

After some years honing my technical skills in traditional mediums and also teaching traditional techniques in widely appealing subjects such as landscape and portraiture I did gain a passion for painting wildlife. I think this is what has bought me full circle to today where I have returned to my true love of fantasy art.

I continue to teach, using it as a vehicle to craft a style and a vision for my personal project World War Fae. This IP will be represented in the creation of a large body of work over the next few years. What it will become from there… well I don’t know yet but I have a deeply felt need to create this body of work and put it out into the world now!

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